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Recipe: Irish Car Bomb

Before I get into the actual post, I’d like to begin by sharing with you why we had a little “St. Patrick’s Day Redo”. It’s actually quite simple, the real St. Patrick’s Day seemed to be pretty uneventful. So me, being the Irish girl I am, had to have a proper celebration.

I’m not a huge fan of Irish Car Bomb’s from the bar. But let me tell you, making them at home is a completely different story.


Guinness Drought Beer
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Bailey’s Original


Pour Jameson into shot glass about 3/4 full
Pour 1/4 Bailey’s into shot glass to top off
Note: You can adjust these measurements to your personal taste. One of the benefits of homemade.
Pour Guinness into larger glass, filling it up to just be slightly taller than the shot glass
Drop the shot glass into the beer

If you have never had an Irish Car Bomb before, trust me, you want to take it slow, you’ll begin feeling it pretty quickly.

BTW, I was cooking some corned beef. I have this old recipe that my mother uses, and it is hands down, the best recipe ever!!

I apologize for not taking a picture of my actual meal, after a few Irish Car Bomb’s, I didn’t even think about it. This photo was the closest I could find, mine looked better though.

I’ve been requested to make it again next weekend, so if we can find a good cut of meat at a reasonable price, I promise I’ll take a photo!

xoxo Erin


Vigilance- Cimarron

Don’t you love Bevmo’s $0.05 wine sale?

Before the Hunger Games movie (which was amazing by the way) we enjoyed this lovely red.

At first I wasn’t to impressed, once it had a little more time to breathe I realized how flavorful this wine really was. This is a dryer wine, but once the air really settles into the flavor the grape become very tasteful. I would definitely recommend this wine, but man do I wish I had a wine aerator.

Price at Bevmo: $19.99

xoxo Erin

Mulleady’s, Mission Viejo, CA

For our St. Patty’s day adventure, we found our self at a local Mission Viejo, CA Irish/Sports Bar. Mulleady’s.

I must say, this place quickly won us over and will definitely be a normal gathering place from here on. Though their bar only serves wine and beer, it has some definite choice selections, not to mention some pretty awesome food.

Their Salmon Creek Merlot was an excellent choice. Great taste, not to dry, not overly fruity, and Salmon Creek wines tend to be very reasonably priced.

Now, on to everyone’s favorite part, the food.

The New York steak. This is not steak house quality, but still one of the best you can order from a pub.

The Pub Perfection Sandwich. Spicy, but not overwhelming. Delicious.

The Patty Melt was a little over powered by the onions, but after removing some, the quality of the patty really shined. Also, the bread was really good.

Boyfriend claimed “one of the best burgers he’s ever had.” Can’t argue with that.

The boyfriend’s also noted that this place, hands down, has the best pour of Guiness in Orange County.

We were pleasantly surprised with our bill: 8 drinks, 4 meals, and total came to $85.00. Can’t beat that!