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Pinterest Inspired: Peach Wine Cooler

How was everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend?

Mine was wonderful!

First I’ll start with Friday. I went down to a friends for drinks and a little dinner party.

First off, we decided to make a pinterest inspired recipe, Peach Wine Coolers

Here’s what you need:


Bottle of White Wine (We used Pinot Grigio, really though, you could use your favorite.)

Peach Schnapps

Sliced Peaches

Kosher Salt

Mix the sliced peaches (drained), Peach Schnapps, a pinch of Kosher Salt, and a little bit of wine in the blender.

Now, this is where our impatience came into play, the original recipes calls for you to cool in the fridge for about 2 hours. Well, we just threw in some ice, topped off with more wine (which is instructed), and added a Rasberry for garnish, something we just thought would be yummy, which it was.

It was really good! A very light drink and summery drink. Definitely recommend. If you prefer a sweeter wine, I think this would compliment a Riesling very nicely.

I’m not sure what happened to my picture of the actual main dish, but we made a pizza bake that you can find here:

It was really easy and simple. But I was totally going crazy over the salad we made with the avacado slices.

Overall a very good night.

On Saturday boyfriend had to work, so I met up with my sister for some lunch, we tried a new Mexican place down the road from my house. Then I went home and cleaned. Saturday night really started our Memorial Day Celebration which included a lot of beer, screw drivers, good friends, and good food.

Sorry for the lack of photos, we also started going through our “Closet of Doom” since we turned in our 60 Day Notice to move. Pretty excited about that, but by the time the friends came over each evening, photos were kind of the last thing in my mind. I’ll get better I promise.

To end though, here’s a cute photo of friends new puppy.



Worthington- Riverside, CA

After my first downtown Riverside experience was kind of a bust, I randomly decided to give this place a try. Something about it just kind of drew me in.

Though you can’t tell from the outside, the place is called Worthington. This was probably one of the best bars I have ever been to. It’s very low key, the people were welcoming and kind, this was definitely my kind of place. I sat there longer than I had intended and was actually bummed I had to leave.

The prices were great and I loved their daily special board!

It’s also bigger than it appears.

Overall, this place is a must go! I really enjoyed my time and hope to be going back very soon. Especially since a few people told me of some pretty cool places I need to check out!

This is the bar tender, I asked for her name, and it was a really unique and cool name, so naturally I completely forgot it. So, awesome bartender, if you read this, comment and leave your name below because people definitely need to come to you!

On a special note:

One of the people I met there runs a pretty sweet art gallery just upstairs and they hold events. Check out her site! You will not be disappointed!

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it out for one of her events soon and check out those places I’ve been recommended to.


Lake Alice- Riverside, CA

So I went to Riverside to take my baby brother to his college open house. (They grow up so fast!!)

Anywho, as he was in his meeting, I decided I’d take a look around and see what downtown Riverside had to offer.

The first place I stopped was Lake Alice

The inside was pretty cool.

And I believe they have some live music that plays.

Honestly, the bar wasn’t really my type of place. It was very cliquey, and I felt a little awkward sitting alone.

The good part however was the drink prices.

My Gin and Tonic was only $3.75.

Can definitely tell this is a “wilder bar scene” and if you’re into that, then this is definitely the bar for you, definitely recommend going with a group though.

Never fear though, the bar I ended up at is soon to follow!


Chateau Ste Michelle- Harvest Select Riesling

Went over to Cathryn’s house and she had this

This was so delicious. It was the most rich riesling I have ever had, not sweet, rich.

Definitely will be picking up this wine for myself very soon.

Apple Martini

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day weekend?

Mine was absolutely FABULOUS!! Mother, sister and I went to a new deliciously wonderful Sushi restaurant which I plan to be posting on very soon, so keep an eye out for that. Then we went to the Spectrum for some shopping and a Luxurious mani-pedi. Followed by more  shopping. Look at this really cute purse I bought from JcPenny!

Afterwards boyfriend and I headed down to our friend’s house for the season’s first BBQ where we decided to make Apple Martini’s, which were not even close to as complicated as you think. Here’s what you need:

Sour Apple Schnapps, Vodka, Apple Juice, and Cherries (optional)

Mix together by taste, we split up each ingredient evenly and boy did it taste yummy!

❤ Heather!

One hott mama!

Now, time for the best part of the BBQ, the food of course!

The chicken was glazed with an Herb and Garlic marinade and this delicious glaze:

Paired with these wonderful sides:

Scalloped Potatos


Gotta have some potato salad, I mean, it is a BBQ after all

And for dessert:

Peach Cobbler!

I love spring and summer and look forward to many more nights with good friends. 🙂

Stoli Blueberi Vodka

One day boyfriend and I were walking in the alcohol isle. I was picking up some white wine for receipe, and we decided that we wanted to drink some liquor that night. As we were looking at all of the choices, the Stoli Blueberi Vodka stuck out to us, since neither of us had tried it.

Instantly, boyfriend knew what we needed to mix it with. So after a quick stop in the soda isle, for some 7-Up, we went home and made our creations.

It was actually really good and refreshing. The Blueberry was not very overpowering, but enough to mask the vodka taste. I was actually impressed, and so was boyfriend (boyfriend does not normally enjoy fruity drinks, so that’s a big deal)

Definitely recommend giving this vodka a try.

Oh by the way, dinner that I picked up that white wine for was a delicious pulled pork sandwich recipe you can find here:

We did modify it a bit, only cooked for about 10 hours and then we added more of the sauces, hot sauces, and spices then let it got another hour or so in the crock pot. It was delicious!

RA Sushi

One of my favorite Happy Hour spots is RA Sushi. I wouldn’t consider it to be one of the best sushi restaurants, and sometimes I leave really craving more authentic rolls, but I never complain about the price, and I always have a good time.

The location I go to is in The District Promenade in Tustin. It’s a nice and diverse Shopping and Entertainment Center that has everything from Costco to a bowling alley to restaurants to drive thrus. I work very close to here, so I find myself at this center often.

The Happy Hour has fabulous pricing ranching from $2-$7.

Really can’t beat $2 Sake.

This is the Pacific Roll. I thought it sounded delicious, but was actually rather disappointed. The toppings were a little to much and was greatly overpowered by onion. It was also wrapped a little loosely for my chop stick skills, which is something I rarely come across.

The first time I had the Viva Las Vegas Roll it was AMAZING! Unfortunately, every time I’ve ordered since, I’ve been rather disappointed. Maybe it’s a day by day thing? I dunno. I recommend trying it for that hopeful chance that it will be as delicious as that first time.

Some Must Tries:

Tootsy Maki (left) and the Crunchy Calamari (right)

“RA”ckin’ Shrimp… Seriously, delicious!

Photo Credit: Myself and Yelp!

I’ve also enjoyed their short ribs and they have this ridiculously amazing ginger lemonade for those times that you’re just not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage.

They have special drinks as well, like a saketini, which was pretty good and the blushing geisha which is delicious.

Overall I would definitely recommend this place as a happy hour hot spot.