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UV Cake

So, currently I have been try to concentrate on more healthy drinks, since I am currently in process of loosing weight and getting back into shape, which I have been doing awesome at BTW! But I do allow myself a day off and a night off a week to enjoy myself. This past weekend, I over enjoyed myself.

I already posted about Friday night which wasn’t to bad. Saturday though, I decided to have my day off and picked up some vodka and Bloody Mary mix, since I have newly discovered I enjoy a very spicy Bloody Mary. This mix was actually pretty good:

Master of Mixes, 5 Pepper Extra Spicy

We were doing great, drinking and enjoying like the best Fajita Recipe Ever:


Fajita Steak or Chicken

Fajita Veggies

Italian Dressing

Chunky Salsa


Cook Steak or Chicken. Throw into a freezer bag, add veggies. Add Italian Dressing (I use half or full bottle depending on how much meat and veggies I have). Add Chunky Salsa (same as dressing). Let marinade for at least an hour. Warm in skillet. Warm up tortillas, add some cheese, and basically whatever you like (so good, you can keep it simple). Enjoy.

Anyways, we were having a wonderful evening with some friends, and the boys ran to the liquor store and picked up this little number.

Now, this is probably the most delicious vodka I have ever had, and I will absolutely love to combine it with a mixture in the very near future. Unfortunately, I keep on relearning the same lesson every few months or so. I am not as young as I used to be, and no matter how delicious a liquor is, I can not handle shots anymore. Especially shots that don’t need a chaser, bc I tend to take more of those.

Sunday consisted of OJ with Honey (seriously, best hang over cure), a cheeseburger with French Fries, couch sitting, good movies, and a few screw drivers to help the headache.

Oh well, I’ll have another post with the UV Cake that will show how tasty this liquor can truly be… in a drink.



Sofia- Riesling

I had tooo much fun this weekend. One of Boyfriend’s bosses had his going away party at a local bar called Los Cabos. Then at the after party, my girlfriend pulled out this little gem.

Can we say new favorite Riesling? Yes we can. And seriously, do you see how beautiful this bottle is? Definitely a must try!

Sorry for the short post, weekend was fun, but boy am I paying for it today. Look for next post for more details.


Vigilance- Sauvignon Blanc

If you look here: I did a post on a Vigilance wine, which was pretty good. I will admit though, their Sauvignon Blanc completely caught me by surprise.

Now, I am not a Sauvignon Blanc fan, but this wine was absolutely fabulous!! I was shocked how good a Sauvingnon Blanc truly could be. I feel like I’ve been missing out thanks to the dry and bland labels I’ve had. This one was rich and you could taste the love and care that went into these grapes. It was the perfect drink for our small little get together.

This is a definite must try, even if you haven’t really had a Sauvignon Blanc that you’ve liked in the past, give this one a try and trust me, it will change your mind.



Just A Yummy Vodka Mix

Here’s just a good Vodka mix for everyone to enjoy:

What you need:

Absolute Peach Vodka

Mango Juice

Guava Juice

We played around with the mixtures, making some drinks more mango, some drinks more guava, basically it’s just delicious any way you pour it.

And to end this post, I wanted to share an adorable picture of my dog and cat cuddling.



5 Year Anniversary

Boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend.

I started the day by waking up and making breakfast. We had a sausage, egg, and cheese scramble with toast. I had attempted to make hash browns as well, but failed miserably… should have looked for a pinterest tip instead of trusting the cheap bag directions…

To accompany our breakfast we enjoyed some Guava Mimosas

Then we made our way down to San Clemente. My present was a new pair of Rainbow Sandals. If you don’t know what Rainbow Sandals are, then you’re missing out on life, because they are the best pair of sandals in the world.

After the Rainbow Factory stop we headed down to the pier area and found ourselves in the Sunset Bar and Restaurant for some lunch and drinks.

Even live music!

To start I ordered a Mai Tai, while boyfriend had a Long Island Ice Tea type drink

For lunch we shared a Maui Wowi Burger (basically a teriyaki burger) and fries. We definitely should have gotten the nachos though, next time for sure.

Then we ordered round two of drinks, boyfriend ordered the Bloody Mary special ($5 all day on Sunday) and I ordered a FireRock Beer ($4 during happy hour, yay for 3:00 happy hour!!)

No joke, the Bloody Mary’s were delicious, and I don’t even like Bloody Mary’s. It was soo good we ordered another round of just those. The trick is, they keep a big serving jar (?) full of peppers and Vodka and keep refilling it all day to make the Vodka spicy. Have never seen it before, but definitely the way to go!

After lunch we went for a walk on the beach, after all after you buy a new pair of rainbows the first thing your supposed to do with them is walk right into the ocean! Begins loosening up the leather.

Here’s some photos of our beach and pier walk:

(excuse my finger :-p)

It really was a wonderful day. One we hope to be repeating very soon, can’t beat $5 Bloody Mary’s by the beach.


The Low-Cal SoCal Concoction

Mad props to my girlfriend Cathryn for creating this low calorie delicious drink.

We racked our brain trying to think of the perfect name for this, but unfortunately each of the names we thought of could not represent the awesomeness of this drink enough, hence the title of this post being simply “The Low-Cal SoCal Concoction”.

Here’s what you need:

Straight Gin

Sprite Zero



Place about 4 raspberries into the bottom of the glass. Put in Ice. Pour in Gin, measurement to your preference. Add the Sprite. Enjoy.

This is a very light and summery drink. You will enjoy the taste of the raspberries as it adds to the drink perfectly, especially visually, the raspberries seem to almost dance in the water.

Another way you can try it, is with different berries. We added Black Berries to see how it would be. It may have even better than the raspberries.

This has quickly become one of my new favorites and is a definite must try!

A Little Piece of Heaven

Well, after our failed attempt in the previous post, we had to redeem ourselves with a more delicious drink. That’s when we came across A Little Piece of Heaven in our Mixology aps.

Here’s what you need:

Malibu Coconut Rum

Peach Schnapps

Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice

Pineapple Juice

After our first drink, I realized we were out of Malibu, so I substituted for Vodka, which actually turned out just as yummy.

We mixed based off of taste, this drink was much less scarier, and trust me, it was great! Even boyfriend thought it was delicious!

Here was our end result: