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Ingenious Solutions for the Uninspired

So, I’ve been kind of cramping up this blog with my new apartment, and though I do not apologize, I have decided to create a new blog dedicated to my projects and new home.

Here’s the link, follow me!

Hope you understand and enjoy both of my blogs. Β πŸ™‚


Havana Beach

This weekend I was introduced to a brand new drink that was a complete and total hit!

Allow me to introduce the Havana Beach

Here’s what you need:

A dark rum, we used Bacardi Spiced Rum, it was amazing.

Ginger ale



Not pictured: I ended up adding a little of sweetened lime juice and it turned out really good. You can also add pineapple juice, but we didn’t have any.

Measure out to taste. I personally love fruit in my drink and always keep the lime slices and pineapple slices in there as I make my refills, it adds more flavor, and ends up looking like this:

πŸ™‚ Yum!

Needless to say, the weekend was fun, but it was more than just the drinks. Is anyone else obsessed with the Olympics like us?

I’m sure my neighbors got real sick of us chanting: USA, USA

Also, we went to my parents neighborhood garage sale. When you think garage sale, you think something like this:

But when it comes to my parents neighborhood, aka, the largest garage sale in Southern California, it gets to be a little bit more like this:

There is also the infamous egg rolls, that I did not get this year, instead we ended up on the other side where these awesome tacos were being made

Nothing like some carne asada tacos at like 930 in the morning. (please keep in mind this has been going on since about 530, we started at 7 and were considered “late”)

But, even with being late I was able to find some awesome treasures for my house

This cute painting for my laundry room, $2

Wine rack, $1

And the best find of the day, aka my new little project:


I also found the most perfect table for my entry way for $10, but it had already sold. Oh well, we new we might miss out on some things for that just little extra bit of sleep :-p.



How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was rather productive and fun! On Friday we met up with some friends at the bar then ended up back at our place. Saturday I met up with SCE at the old place at 7:30 AM to have them pick up the fridge, came home (love that new place is home already) took the girls for a nice long walk then went to my complex gym for a work out (it was amazing), went grocery shopping, laid out and went in the pool for a bit, then went bowling and back to our house :-). Yesterday we finished up everything at the old place, did some oil changes, and turned in keys. Then had a quiet dinner at this restaurant called Selma’s.

Our drink of choice this weekend, was Kamikaze’s that boyfriend rocked at making!

Here’s what you need:


Triple Sec

Sweetened Lime Juice

Shaker (optional, but highly suggested)

Our measurements were: 1 1/2 shot of vodka, 1 shot triple sec, 1 shot lime juice. Shake together, enjoy.

My girlfriend and I also enjoyed drinking them out of my martini glasses, I don’t have a pic of that, but do have a nice shot of my martini set that I love.

Oh, also as promised here’s some updated photos of the progress. It’s come along more now, but I was busy this weekend and didn’t get a chance to take to many photos.

Entry way. The book shelf has books and dvds in it now. We’re looking to be getting a longer table in this area and have a pinterest inspired project for this bookshelf.

Living room looks pretty much the same right now. We plan on getting a new couch and entertainment center, and my bookshelf project will end up on that wall next to the blinds. The boxes are gone now too :-p

I love my kitchen. Thinking of getting some bar stools as well.

Dinning area. We’ll probably end up getting a new table, but we have other priorities for the place.

Desk area. Obviously a lamp will go here, thinking a shelf above as well.

I apologize on not having any bedroom or bathroom photos. The bathroom is pretty simple, the shower curtain is really the best part. As for the bedroom, we’re getting a new bed next month, so I’ll post photos once that’s in there as well. The walls are pretty bare for now, but don’t worry, starting next paycheck I pretty much plan on getting at least one item for the place. We also have awesome plans for the patio, which may be our first project. πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Infinium Vodka and Apartment

Well, we are officially moved into our new place and couldn’t be more happier!! Seriously, it is such an upgrade from where we were at. It’s about 200 sq ft bigger, all hard wood floors, higher ceilings, a laundry room with a washer and dryer, central A/C, and just such a nice area. Boyfriend put it best when we woke up on Sunday morning, it’s like we woke up new people.

Before I post photos of the new place, I want to share a pretty good on budget vodka that we came across at our local Vons.

Β Infinium Vodka. It’s under $10 after taxes and it’s not a bad liquor to mix. Please note that I said “to mix”. I tried taking a shot of it and it was a very rough, so please just stick to it as a mixer. We’ve been drinking bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers, since those are kind of our go to’s on a strict budget.

Now back to the new place. I’m going to share with you the photos I took when we got the keys, before move in. Check back next week for progress. We’re moved in, but I still need to take care of some organizing and what not. Plus, I have some really exciting plans for decorating that I’ll share next week as well. πŸ™‚

Entry Way. Left side is closet, Right side is the door.

Living Room, Patio, Dinning Nook, Kitchen Bar

To the right of the living room. That little door on the right is the laundry room, door on the left is bathroom. And then the desk area.

My new favorite room. πŸ™‚

Desk Area


Dinning Nook

Bedroom (it’s a bad angle, but the room is actually very large). That’s also our entrance to the bathroom.

The closet is huge and tall!

Toilet Area of Bathroom

Other Angle of Bathroom (sorry about the bag on the floor :-p)

And OK, sorry about the boring photos of the layout and bare apartment. Here’s a picture of the shower curtain we bought and a little sneak peak into my color schemes.

Come back Monday and I’ll share what we have so far and my plans for the future! Plus, as always, I’ll have my review!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and a fabulous weekend! BTW, if you haven’t liked my page on facebook or twitter yet, you should. I try and keep that updated as much as possible. πŸ™‚


Justin- Cabernet Sauvignon

Is it really Wednesday already? Wow. 3 more days until my big move. It’s been a crazy week, and it’s going to get crazier.

I was very excited to try this wine that was voted 4th on the spectators top 100 wines.

This wine is way more pricier, but absolutely wonderful. Strangely enough though, I think I enjoyed the Capolla from the last post a little bit more, but that may because it reminded me of chocolate. πŸ™‚

This wine is definitely a beautifully done red though, and I can definitely see why it has received such high praise.



Coppola- Cabernet Sauvignon

After a long weekend of packing, a wine night was definitely in order. I totally forgot how much packing takes out of you, I may be tired for weeks!

This is a wine that I have become very fond of.

When I drink it it makes me totally crave chocolate, like a good truffle or fudge.

Definitely recommend this wine, it quickly has become one of my favorites.

On a side note, this week is going to be very, very busy, but luckily I’ve created at least a post saved for this week. I’m afraid though with the move next weeks posts may be lacking a little since, well, we’ll be broke and unpacking, and prepping the new apartment. We are beyond excited, and I promise I will post pictures of the beautiful unit soon.

Oh, also, awesome start this week so far, in all of the hustle and bustle of packing, picking up boxes, and stuff, I left my keys in boyfriends car and the spare made the alarm go off… Stupid clicker.

Totally had to wait for boyfriend to drop off my keys before I could head to work. Needless to say, I was a little late. Luckily I was to tired to stress, and wasn’t to late. Β πŸ™‚


Happy Weekend!!

Came across a cute photo on Pinterest, thought I’d share.

Pinterest Link Here

Enjoy your weekend!

Mine will be full of packing. One more week to go before the big move!!