Birthday Weekend!

I had such a wonderful birthday weekend!

On Friday we went to a poker party which was awesome!

Please note, quick review:

Cheap Vodka=Anger!!! At least it does for me. Cheapest Vodka I’ve been handling lately is Stoli lol!

But off of that note now, back to my birthday!

Saturday my mom picked me up and we started our day of pampering and firsts at Mimi’s Cafe. I have never, like never, had breakfast at Mimi’s. Seriously, one of the best breakfasts I have ever had!! My mom and I split two dishes and it was perfect. We had split a crab cake eggs benedict, which I have never even had a regular eggs benedict, it was delicious!! And then we also split a crepe. Add a mimosa, and it was pretty much perfect.

From there we went to a hair salon that neither of us have ever tried before! I chopped off all of my hair!! I love it soo much! And I have bangs!! I seriously haven’t had bangs since I was in like second grade. 😀

After that we headed off to a new nail salon location that neither of us had been too for mani-pedi’s. And then to the mall for a makeover!!

For dinner we met up with my boyfriend and the rest of the family at Claim Jumper.

Then came party time!!!

Boyfriend had picked up all the trimmings to make chocolate cake shots (birthday cake shots ;-p), that post will follow shortly, the photos I took came out blurry (obviously we all had a little to much fun) so I need to retake some photos of the shots themselves, so look for that on Thursday.

A huge hit at the party was that my friends had bought me a beer pong table for our housewarming/birthday present!!

And it’s portable. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

I also got a few gift cards for our housewarming/birthday and a bottle of one of my favorite liquors of all time

Crown Royal Black

Seriously, this whiskey is soo smooth and delicious. I’m saving it for a special occasion. But knowing me, the fact that it’s the weekend could be a special enough occasion ;-p.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!



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